Tuition fee US$6,500 per year
Application fee US$50 one-time
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The Department of Animation, which was opened in 2013-2014 education year, aims to graduate world-level animation artists who are able to integrate the fundamentals movement creation and animated storytelling in the latest production technologies. After completing 4 years of education in the department, the students develop expertise in the field of their choice and gain a universal professional approach, which allows them to take part on any team around the world. The graduates are also expected to develop a creative and unique vision of animation that would make them not only proficient technicians but also innovative artists. In order to achieve this goal, the department offers a syllabus that emphasize experimentation with a variety of techniques and materials while allowing the students to produce their own projects.

Career opportunities

Our graduates are working in advertising agencies as strategists, account executives, copywriters; in public relations agencies as publicists, event managers; in companies, governmental institutions and nongovernmental organizations as corporate communication specialists, public relations managers or officers, community relations managers, media relations experts, social media specialists; in marketing departments of companies in different levels. They also work as a freelancer in various marketing communication projects.

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Not available for applying at the moment