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Application fee US$50 one-time
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The Faculty of Law accepted its first students in 2008, and attributes the significant results achieved to date, both nationally and regionally, on a strong underlying work ethic, an outcomes focused approach and on the design skills and the project orientated principles incorporated into its courses and taught by its experienced academics. In line with the aims of the university, the faculty looks to nurture the next generation of intellectuals, to follow science as its guide, to defend what is known to be true, as well as to share knowledge, experience and democratic values. In relation to its location in Izmir, the Faculty of Law looks to play an effective international role in the forthcoming years, taking into consideration the social, cultural, economic, commercial, cultural and geological characteristics of the city. Areas of legal specialisation include Transportation Law, Maritime Law, European Union Law, and Environmental Law. The Faculty of Law aims for graduates to enter their legal careers as competent lawyers equipped with a command of foreign languages, modern legal systems and in particular European Law, (having understood and internalised European Union standards), with excellent written and verbal communication skills, and being able to express themselves in international platforms.

Programme structure

The Faculty of Law provides lesson content consistent with the education policy of Yaşar University. In this context, first year courses are offered in such areas as Constitutional Law, Civil Law, Ancient Roman Law, Introduction to Law, and Basic Concepts of Law. Second year courses include Law of Liabilities (general), Criminal Law (general), International Public Law, Administrative Law and Philosophy of Law. In the third year, courses include Commercial Law and Law of Liabilities (specialised), while fourth year courses include Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law, Criminal Proceedings Law, Maritime Law, International Private Law, Insurance Law, Inheritance Law and Forensic Medicine Law. In addition to the courses offered by Faculty, students are also given the opportunity from the beginning of their first year, to gain expertise in their particular areas of interest through elective courses, which are offered partially or fully in foreign languages, and in such subject areas as Tourism Law, Sports Law, Environmental Law, Communication Law, Aviation Law, Space Law, Banking Law, Current Atypical Contracts and Energy Law.

Career opportunities

The importance of law is increasing on a daily basis, in line with the social, cultural and economic changes in society. Graduates of the Faculty of Law have a wide range of employment opportunities, since there is a need for knowledgeable lawyers in the fields of both National and International Law. Faculty of Law students graduate with the title of lawyer, and after completing their compulsory internships or passing the required exams, they are entitled to work as lawyers, administrative judicial judges, prosecuting attorneys, public notaries, diplomats, banking inspectors, finance auditors, and audit commissioners in private or in public institutions, as well as in their own companies. In addition they can work as inspectors and diplomats in ministerial departments, public institutions, or as administrators and consultants in private or public institutions.

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