Tuition fee US$3,000 per year
Application fee US$50 one-time
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The Foreign Trade programme is designed to provide the students with both theoretical and practical knowledge. It develops an understanding of the basic theories and tools of foreign trade and developing an awareness of their application in a practical business environment. A wide range of teaching methods with technological instruments is used, including case studies, workshops and training. Supervised work experience provides the students with the opportunity to link theoretical learning and the real sector. In the first year of study, the students take fundamental courses such as, economics, accounting, business and information technologies. In the second year, they choose from a wide range of topics, including such aspects like foreign trade legislation and application, documents of foreign trade and applications and detailed macroeconomic studies. Foreign Trade Program prepares the students, for the highly competitive and rapidly changing environment. It gives the students a firm foundation of knowledge in foreign trade sector and the ability to use that knowledge in a range of contexts.

Career opportunities

The program offers a great variety of job and training opportunities in foreign trade companies, Customs Consultancy and foreign trade departments of banks and insurance firms of both private and public.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment